1. gmenweardaily:

    The Delfonics - Tell Me This Is a Dream (Philly Groove Records, 1972)

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  3. miamivibe:

    Matte g63 / photographer

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  4. building-castles-intheair:

    Flathead Lake, MT

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  5. 406mt:


    Georgetown lake, near Anaconda, Montana.
    A picture just taken with my iPhone5S (no filter or editing).

    Check this lady out! She’s taking beautiful pictures of our wonderful state :)

  6. wormatronic:

    Land & Air | More

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  7. snapmt:

    Ridge line view from Blue Point.

  8. A view of Mount Jumbo from the lower Rattlesnake, just before noon. Late June.

  9. Montana sunset by the tracks

  10. matteflatblack:

    '65 Polaris crossing the Higgins Street Bridge